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Physical Education and Sports is the vital part of our institute from the beginning. Games like football, cricket, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, chess etc. have already been started here. Athletics and gymnastics are also the main part of our sports activity. Tournaments for various indoor games like chess, carom, and many computer games are arranged regularly. Yoga, Rock-climbing and Kho-Kho will be started shortly in the institute. Sports provide ample opportunities to develop physical health and positive personality of the students.
  • Football:

    Football is one of the main sports in Sikkim. Students from Sikkim and from other states too have shown their skills in all India inter NIT sports meets. There is a football field in the institute with proper lightening facility for playing football at night.
  • Cricket:

    Cricket is one the most played game in our institute. An annual cricket tournament, "Xplode Cup" is organized in the institute to provide an opportunity for the students to show their skills in the ground. Our cricket team has also participate in all India inter NIT cricket tournament.
  • Badminton:

    We have a well-equipped badminton court in our campus. The court is well lit and the students can also utilize them to play badminton throughout the nights. There is a separate badminton court dedicated only to the girls.
  • Table Tennis:

    The facility for playing table tennis is also provided in the institute. Our students have shown a very good performance in inter NIT sports meets.
  • Volley Ball:

    Students of our institute also enjoy playing volleyball. There is a volleyball ground and it is well lit too. The institute also has a separate ground dedicated only to the girls.
  • Gymnasium:

    Institute gymnasium will be opening shortly in our campus. Equipment of gymnasium are being delivered by supplier and will require few days for setup.
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