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The  Department  of Physics  is  a part  of  National  Institute  of  Technology  Sikkim  since  its  establishment  in  the  2010. Departmental Faculty  members  are  actively  engaged  in  teaching  and  Research.  Presently  department  offers  Physics, Electromagnetic field theory, Solid state device and Basic Electrical Sicences to  different  engineering  branches  of  B.  Tech.  Our  faculty  members  presently  are  supervising  sponsored  projects with  very  advance  problems  in  the  area  of  theoretical and Computational Physics. The Department have active research colloboration with TIFR-CAM, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Jadavpur and Calcutta University. Currently an Radon monitoring system has been install in colaboration with Jadavpur University.

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