Music sooths the soul and everyone strives for the same. Antakshiri may be a common term/game to many of us and nearly all of us have played it one or the other time. But wait, it is not that same Antakshiri which you all have been playing since your childhood. It would be way different from the normal one and a high voltage competition and fun would be felt in the environment for sure. It would not be just about singing but something more than that is expected. If you and your team strives to be a winner then you really would need to be damn good at this because this time it won't be easy. So, if you think you can win it out, no matters what's been put in front of you then register your team and prove your squad out.

  • There will be total 4 rounds.
  • The rounds will be revealed on the spot.
  • Only Hindi movie songs are allowed in any round.
  • No song can be repeated in the same round.
  • However, you can sing the same song from any of the previous rounds.
  • For each correct answer, you will get 100 points.
  • For each wrong answer or no answer if it is your turn, you will get -50 points.
  • If none of the participants from a team can give the correct answer, the question will be asked to the audience.
  • Each team will have 4 players. (with entry fee Rs. 40)
  • The decisions of the judges will be final.