Cultural Debate


Actions speak louder than voice. We all are aware of the parliamentary sessions and have mostly seen them on televisions, internet or read it somewhere. What if we claim that a similar burning discussion would be brought up live in the event Parliamentary Debate wherein the most suitable arguments will win the cause of motion? A high voltage discussion on the primary issues which the country is facing are what we are interested in and the views would be expressed in the form of words. An event where conflict of ideas takes place and the perfect claim wins it off. Seems interested, then bring it on and show what you've got in.

  • There will be a preliminary test before the main event.
  • All the participants have to be present 10 minutes before the competition commences.
  • The test paper will cover the following areas
    • Current affairs -mcq type
    • History And Tradition -mcq type
    • Philosophical (few Ques.)
    • Some subjective questions.
  • Maximum time for test is 30 min.
  • On the basis of marks obtained in test four students(2 girls and 2 boys) will be shortlisted for the final round to form two teams.
  • The topics of debate will be mentioned later.
  • A judge panel will scrutinize the performance of candidates on the basis of set rules.
  • Winner will be decided on the basis of marks or grade obtains on 'debate scoring sheet'
  • Debate language will be English and Hindi
  • The decision of judges will be final and will subject to no amendments.