Face Painting


We are sure that you all would have painted a canvass a many times but how often have you known what is it like to paint a Face. Expressing yourself out on someone's face is definitely not an easy deal and it requires something near to perfection to paint your mind out over a human face. Pick up a friend whom you are sure off won't mind painting all over their faces and put your art to work on them. Let the real you come out live with the best of the expressions you can paint for it.

  • There willbe two participants in a team- The artist and the model.
  • The materials will be provided by the organizers. Use of any other material is not allowed.
  • The artists will be given 1 minute to explain their work to the judges.
  • Artists are encouraged to bring their own model. They must work alone. Assistants are not permitted. Models should not paint themselves.
  • No logos, licensed characters or other copyrighted work will be accepted. Offensive paintings will be disqualified.
  • Design must be painted on the face. Additional painted area (on neck, shoulder etc) are not allowed.
  • The judges will be viewing your work during the competition. Volunteers will be ensuring that the artists start and finish on time and notify the judges if any rules are broken.
  • No acrylic paints are allowed.