Just A Minute


Do you realize the importance of a minute in your life, anyone of us? Have you ever wondered what all you will be missing if someone subtracts a minute from your lifespan? Have you? If not until now then it's high time you start wondering for the same soon. It's a world where things are not the same as they were just a minute before. Do you think you too can bring in a change in a minute, do something that would baffle everyone around you? Well, if you can then show out what you've got to for a cause which would recognise you and your talent for sure. Register yourself for the most awaited event JUST A MINUTE and prove yourself in front of the crowd in a minute.

  • It is an individual participation competition.
  • Particular topic will be given to the jammers on which they have to speak for 1 minute.
  • The JAMmers are challenged to speak on a given subject without 'repetition, hesitation, or deviation'.
  • The repetition of words, phrases, sentences are not allowed. Else marks will be deducted.
  • Participants can't go off the topic. If the JAM is illegal points will be deducted.