'When fortune knocks, open the door but a great mind becomes great fortune '. But how will you know that you are fortuitous enough???? Brace yourselves because you might need to put aside your moral,virtues & ego and jump into the arena. So wait with baited breath for the spectacle is about to unfold. This udgam '16 you will have to search some of the items mentioned and believe us it's going to be real fun and thrill. The team finding all the specified items in the list first will be the declared winner and worth for a decent prize.

  • A team will comprise of 4 players.
  • A list of items ( having some points according to ease of availability ) will be provided to all the teams on the spot.
  • Each team has to fetch the items within 90 minutes.
  • Participants can go anywhere in Ravangla to get the items within given period of time.
  • After getting the items , the team will required to report to the organizers for evaluation.
  • Time of reporting will be considered in case of a tie.
  • Winner & Runner up will be decided according to the points scored by the teams .
  • Carry bags will be provided on the spot.
  • Organizers' decision is the final decision.