2048 - Android Gaming


ANDROID GAMING- The name itself explains its aura. Android gaming has become the most popular and the most addictive thing in this whole world. If you are a game addict, give your addiction a value. From going through the multicolor tunnels of TUNNEL TROUBLE 3D to the mind numbing sequences of 2048, you will experience all the extravaganza of gaming in a go.. SO, START EXERCISING YOUR THUMB.

  • Device details : Bring your Android device in which Subway Surfers works well. Only Android phone, tablet or phablet is allowed.
  • A new .apk file (provided by organizers) will be installed on the participant's device, so that the best score resets.
  • Each participant would be given atleast 10 minutes in which he/she can restart the game any number of times.
  • After 10 minutes, the participant is not allowed to restart the game and the best score till then will be considered as final score.
Entry Fee : Rs. 20/- (If you are also participating in Tunnel Trouble 3D, then entry fee is Rs. 30/- including both games)