NIT Sikkim

  • Research

  • Ongoing Projects

  • Dr. Sumit Saha – Asymmetric Synthesis of Bio active Natural Products and related Compounds Compounds using Carbohydrate as Chiral template (DST) (ongoing)

  • Dr. Taraknath Kundu – Metal Catalyzed formal diastreo and enatioselective reaction of carbohydrate derived vinylcyclopropanes (DST) (ongoing)

  • Dr. Achintesh Narayan Biswas – Tuning the Reactivity of Metal-oxygen Intermediates in C-H Activation and Water Oxidation (DST) (ongoing)

  • Dr. Achintesh Narayan Biswas – Molecular Water Oxidation Catalysts based on Earth Abundant Transition Metals (CSIR) (ongoing)

  • Dr. Anjan Kumar Ray – Visvesvaraya Project: Intelligent Networked Robotic Systems (DEITY)(ongoing)

  • Dr. Sangram Ray – Visvesvaraya Project: Development of efficient algorithm for wireless sensor network (DEITY) (ongoing)

  • Prof. Arun Baran Samaddar – Visvesvaraya Project: Multimedia teaching- learning content optimisation (DEITY) (ongoing)

  • Dr. Shefalika Ghosh Samaddar – Visvesvaraya Project: Design of a secured border gateway protocol and router (DEITY) (ongoing)

  • Dr. Sanjay Jana – Visvesvaraya Project: Design of high speed semiconductor devices (DEITY) (ongoing)

  • Prof. Arun Baran Samaddar – SMDP C2SD: Development of a chip (FPGA based board level digital designs), especially for earthquake prediction and RF testing (DEITY) (ongoing)

Completed Projects